Gift Two: from ages 2 years to 13 years old; or toddlers, children in Kindergarten, Connecting School and Academy.

Froebel's Gift Two consists of a wooden sphere, cylinder and cube with eyelets and/or holes in them. A solid cube is included for lessons in comparison with this and future Gifts. Gift Two comes in a wooden box with a frame work to assemble for the rotation of the Gifts.

Due to the small parts and intricate abilities of this Gift, a toddler set can be assembled consisting of a solid wooden sphere, cylinder and cube in a small wooden box. The apparatus & spinning attachments can wait till the kindergarten phase of 4 to 7 years old. This makes Gift Two a movement toy for toddlers.

This hands-on course will show the parent/teacher how to use the solid shapes of Gift Two with children from toddler-hood to pre-teens. This Gift, just like the previous Gifts and the ones to come, can be used over several years in order to be introduced and learn different concepts in math, science, art, history and geography.

This course will focus on each age group. Of all of Froebel's Gifts this one has the strongest educational value as it represents the fundamental forms of the universe. The sphere symbolizes the heavenly bodies, the earth, the sun and the moon. The cube symbolizes the mineral kingdom and the connection between the two is the cylinder. The cylinder symbolizes animal and vegetable life.

Gift Two was often called The Children's Delight, because no matter the age, children were delighted and curious about all this Gift had and still has to offer.

Gift's One and Two represent the solid Gifts as they can not be divided. Froebel intended the child to begin the whole before moving onto the parts.