To those who are interested in Friedrich Froebel for the 21st century, congratulations! The descriptions you are about to read are a treatise on Friedrich Froebel, his educational philosophy, and his Gifts & Occupations; the tools he used to have children and adults understand his concepts.

Froebel’s approach should not be taken lightly and brushed aside as a mere play and craft based education for young children. It was much more than that. Like all the schools of education that descended from Froebel, such as Montessori, Waldorf, Charlotte Mason, Progressive and Homeschooling; each one takes time to learn and understand. It is recommended that one starts at the beginning. Froebel often said that the child recapitulates the history of mankind as they grow; an ascending spiral with their world expanding upward & outward.

While you read the descriptions on this website, it is suggested that you start at the beginning. Froebel designed his educational theory to be three-folded. The subject is approached, learned, reviewed, and then a new thought introduced. His theories are not dry, but full of life. They are thoughtful, imaginative, and active. They address the head, heart, and hand.